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God Is Disappointed in You - Mark Russell, Shannon Wheeler This review is based on an ARC of the book, although it is currently available for purchase.

The Bible seems to be a book that many start time and again only to abandon mid-read for one of several reasons. Usually the reason falls into the "too boring/dense/indecipherable" category.

If you fall into one of these reasons, "God Is Disappointed in You" is the Bible guide you're looking for! A tiny summary of all 66 books of the Bible that hits the main points from a decidedly modern mindset, the book is both hilarious and reasonably truthful to the main points of each Book (at least of the Books in the Bible that I've read, which is somewhere in the 60-70% range).

Russell does not try to use the book to win converts nor does he use it to advance an Atheistic viewpoint. The book is written from the viewpoint of each author of the Book being summarized, sometimes as an email or letter, sometimes just in straight storyteller mode. There is some coarse language, but considering some of what the Bible actually describes this isn't really there to offend, but only to reinforce the modern sensibility.

It was enjoyable enough that if you were considering trying to (re-)read the Bible, it may be a nice companion that won't bore you to sleep.

"Disappointed" includes several one-panel comics scattered throughout the text, generally about one per Book. Some of these are amusing, but ultimately they did little to increase or detract from my enjoyment of the text.

5/5 Stars