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Mrs. Poe - Lynn Cullen Mrs. Poe is a compelling historical fiction about the relationship between Francis Osgood and Edgar Allan Poe, as she tries to make a name for herself as a writer and Poe struggles to be known for something other than "The Raven".

Osgood meets the Poes, and soon becomes very close with Edgar. Virginia wishes to become closer with Osgood, but at the same time appears to have a jealous streak. This becomes more apparent as Virginia's illness continues to run it's course.

The book shows what a tight-knit group writers were back in the day of Poe, and some of the battles they had. It has some very interesting "what if" scenarios that could actually have happened, although this is disputed by historians. Still, for the "historical fiction" genre, it is an interesting read, especially for fans of Poe.

4/5 stars.