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Geoffrey Ward
David Shields, Shane Salerno
I'm a Dog, You're a Cat: Love Lessons from Our Furry Friends - Marla Press, Jim Tweedy This review is based on an advance copy of the book.

I'm a Dog, You're a Cat is a book about relationships in the same vein as the Mars/Venus books, only with personality types that are not neccesarily tied to a person's gender. They're not even tied to if a person actually prefers dogs or cats, just shards of their personalities.

It's obviously not meant to be taken as hard science or gospel, and has a lot of fun as the book progresses. There are some fair points to be made about relationships in general.

The book is filled with fun illustrations, which do not detract from the book at all (and fit well with the writing style. It's a quick read, and possibly something you could look through to determine differences with your S.O.

Like, I'm apparently a dog and my wife is a cat, even though we each prefer the other animal. Odd. :)