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City of Pillars - Dominic Peloso I reviewed a free copy of this book, and you can get a free copy too! Go here.

On his way to work one day, a self-obsessed lawyer is accidentally given a mysterious package. He opens it and finds mysterious scribblings... then the Men In Black start trying to get the package back. He tries to decode what the package means, and the adventure begins.

The story is set as a confession/diary as the narrator peels back the layers of the puzzle, and how the powers that be will stop at nothing stop him from doing so. It's got a good psychological bent, and you don't know if the narrator is actually being pursued or is just plain crazy.

The answers start to fall into place, which lead to wondering who is having the narrator ask the questions in the first place? And why?

Comparisons are drawn in other reviews to The Matrix, but I think this is a pretty strong story and any similarity is superficial at best.

This was one of the better stories I've found in independent distribution. CoP holds the attention well, and for the most part moves an exciting story along at a good pace.

It would have gotten five stars probably, but it kind of meandered a little in the middle, and it had one word that was used two or three times that actually needed the homonym used instead (but that's just a little quibble that probably only bothers me.)

I would recommend reading this. There's a chance I may even reread someday, which is high praise.