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Lingerie Wars - Janet Elizabeth Henderson This review is based on an ARC of the book...

Meet Lake Benson. He's the grown up son of hippies who rebelled and ran off to join the Army. After seeing some action and getting shot up, he returns to civilization to help his sister Rainbow by lending her money for a failing lingerie shop in the small town of Invertary (which he also plans to unload.)

Now meet Kristy Campbell. She's a former model who received nasty injuries in an accident a few years ago, at the same time having her life savings stolen by her then-fiance. She owns- wait for it- a lingerie shop in Invertary which is right across the street from Lake's shop!

In a plot twist that should surprise nobody, Kristy doesn't care for Lake very much, yet she can't get him out of her mind! The nerve of that man! It's like he twists her words with his powers of sexual tension!

Plus, she just can't be herself with a man since the accident. Because of the scars and all. Will he be the one to help her through that? He's got scars too....

So I'll admit I'm not a "romance" kind of guy.. (just ask my wife...HA!).. but seriously this book wasn't that bad. Some of the situations were pretty amusing, like the show towards the end of the book, and people stealing the cardboard cutouts of Lake.

And does Kristy learn to love again? Does Lake? You'll have to read it (but you may be able to guess....)

There's no really "hot" scenes in the book, so if you're just looking for smut you'll be in for a disappointment. It's more romantic than trashy.

This book is kind of like any one of the forgettable movies you may take a second date to. Not terrible, but also not terribly memorable.

One main criticism: I'm not sure why Lake's sister had her own little thing going on with a "younger man" in the book. It just seemed grafted on as an afterthought (or perhaps not fully fleshed out in the first place.)

If you like the romance genre, I'm sure you could do a lot worse. You'll crank through this one quick, so go for it.