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Chuck Palahniuk
Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf
Ben Hogan, Anthony Ravielli
Roosevelt's Centurions: FDR & the Commanders He Led to Victory in World War II
Joseph E. Persico
Closest Companion: The Unknown Story of the Intimate Friendship Between Franklin Roosevelt and Margaret Suckley
Geoffrey Ward
David Shields, Shane Salerno
Understanding Technological Evidence for the Legal Professional: 101 the Basics: Gather, Authenticate, Manage & Present Electronic Evidence - Liora Farkovitz, Mindy Nemoff As a whole this book wasn't bad. it was offered as a free book through a trade publication that I subscribe to.

I thought it would be more technical than legal in nature, and there is nothing wrong with that. my main issue was a couple factual errors in the text. The book said some things were impossible to do that simply are quite possible provided you are willing to not know "for sure" if it actually *worked*.

A good overview for a reference, but not a Bible by any means.