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Road Salt - Linda  Nelson This review is based on an ARC from LibraryThing.

Poor Karla. She's got a hard life, and nobody understands her. Her friend Carol also has a hard life, and a similar lack of understanding. Logically, the smart thing to do is run off with two guys in school that are so new the girls haven't even determined if they (the guys) are bad news yet.

Luckily for the reader (and unluckily for Karla and Carol) the guys are bad news. Soon, an interstate crime spree is underway with drugs, sex, car theft and more! Bonus: an RV actually gets eaten by a tornado!

In the end there are no winners in this crazy world where some people get high on bath salts. And probably a significant amount of restitution charged to the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde kids.

The novel was a seemed a little heavy-handed to me, but I have absolutely no experience with bath salts other than seeing them at convenience stores in the past. It was a little like the book "Go Ask Alice", but only if Alice was a Debbie Downer for the entire 200 pages or so.

My biggest issue with Road Salt is that Ms. Nelson could really use a proofreader. There was a lot of interchanging of the word "waist" and "waste", a couple typos, a place where the swears were muted with apostrophes but clearly typed elsewhere, and a few other cases (that I forgot to highlight) where a phrase was altered slightly repeatedly. It was distracting for me, and ultimately took a little enjoyment away from the read.

That said, there are probably a lot of kids who are at risk that could be well served by this book. I actually will probably recommend it to some people I know in the Social Service "scene".