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The Interestings: A Novel - Meg Wolitzer The Interestings follows a group of teens who went to a summer "artistic" camp in the early 1970s as they grow up and face adulthood and all of it's challenges, including careers, parenthood, and love.

The story shows their individual successes and failures on what they thought they'd be at age 15 throughout their lives to about present day. There are three main campers that the book follows: Jules, Ash and Ethan. A couple more characters are secondary, with a final set being almost McGuffin-like to keep things moving along.

By far most of the story is of the adult lives of these campers, from the 1980s forward and based mainly in New York City. There is a lot of references to news items that occurred at the specific time (Reagan, Goetz, The Central Park jogger, 9/11) that affects (or doesn't) the lives of the characters.

But for all the lushness of the book (it's very well written technically), it just wasn't very interesting to me. The characters were just sort of there, and most of the different story lines were actually kind of dull. For about the first 40% of the book (until the big plot twist) I was considering bailing, and even after that a lot of the book was just sort of OK. Kind of forgettable, certainly not horrible. Just there.

Recommended for: people who watched the movie Fame obsessively. Or maybe Behind The Music.

Not recommended for: people with a strong sense of justice, or who don't like fiction without lots of action.

3/5 stars.