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No End to the Shit that Pisses Me Off - Peg Tittle This review is based on a free copy of this book.

I was hoping with a title like this that this book would be a witty expose on modern life.

Instead it was a screed on how men are responsible for all of society's ills, including (but not limited to) health care expenses, littering, companies wanting to make a profit, politics and more.

At first I was hoping this was tongue in cheek, or at least a poor attempt at trolling, but then I saw that these essays were reprints from other publications.

It's hard to take someone seriously who is advocating the idea that women wear makeup and shave their legs because deep down men are pedophiles. But you'll find that gem in here, among other nuggets that are poorly reasoned or just plain sexist.

I understand that this book is clearly aimed at preaching to the choir of freshmen new to college, stretching their philosophical wings for the first time. I just wish there had been at least a little common (rational) ground that I could have agreed with the author on.