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Matt Monroe and The Secret Society - Edward Torba Disclaimer: This review is based on a pre-release electronic copy of the book.

Matt Monroe is the son of a dentist living in Kingston, PA. He learns that many dentists are part of a secret society foresworn to protect the Earth from evil. Matt comes to find from a prophecy that he is "the Chosen One" and will soon be sent with six others to another dimension in order to save the world.

My main issue with this book lies in the other world, Paragon. All the dental references were kind of overwhelming for me. I couldn't really tell if Dr. Torba (the author is in fact a practicing dentist) were supposed to add an air of campiness or if he was being straight with the reader. It kind of felt straight to me, which lost me a little.

Obviously the book is written for YA boys and girls, so they may like it better than I did. It was an OK book, but I just didn't get as engaged in the story as perhaps I could have. Still, it isn't a bad story. The characters were rounded and complex, and the interactions between them were believable.

I'd recommend this book to a reader in the 9-13 range, who likes Harry Potter, or has an unusual fascination with dentistry. If the potential reader possesses both traits, then you'll have a lifelong fan.