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The Problems of Philosophy - Bertrand Russell I had some issues really getting into this book.

Maybe it's just that it was a dry writing style, or maybe it's that it doesn't seem to be a good starting point for someone who wants to learn about philosophy. But it took many weeks to get through what is actually a short book.

It does have some good points, like at the end (at least in the Amazon free e-book) recommending other philosophers to read. And it tries to tie in analogies to history and to Othello (which I also haven't read.)

In college I took a logic class, and despised it. Too much emphasis on the fallacy of "I have a cat, it is grey, therefore all cats are grey" thing. You'll see that in here too, although in a cat-free setting.

Lots of people think this guy is almost Godlike, but it's hard for me to agree yet. In time, I'll probably read another Russell text, but not anytime soon.