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The Waiting Room - H.L. Baker I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review.

The Waiting Room is a quick little read that encompasses three tales of the paranormal. The three tales are not connected in any way, but are separate little stories that can be read in a few minutes each.

The Waiting Room involves a girl dropping off dinner for her Mother at the hospital where she works as a nurse. While leaving she bumps into a mysterious stranger....

The Forgotten Son is about a boy who has a friend named Tommy. Not long after Tommy showed up all his other friends abandoned him...

In Closed Circle of Friends a close-knit group of drinking friends get bored playing poker and find a Ouija board in the closet...

Of the three stories I liked the first the best, and the second had the most potential (the second is also by far the shortest.) I'm still not totally sure what was even going on in the third story, although I liked how each character became the central character for their own "chapter".

I think all of these stories had potential that could have been realized more completely. There was just more that could have been said or done, and they seem more like a working framework rather than a completed work to me. This is especially true with the second story.

I'd say this is two of five stars. It was OK. Good for a quick, quick read, and it won't give you nightmares (although the first story could have if the author had taken it in a slightly different direction.)